Frequently Asked Questions

Will your product get me high?
No, because CBD is a non-intoxicating molecule.  There is no “drug test” invented to detect it.  In fact CBD can decrease the effects of THC, by preventing it from activating the CB1 receptor.

What is CBD?
CBD stands for Cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoid molecules produced by the Cannabis plant, second only to THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the principal psychoactive component in Cannabis.  These phytocannabinoids are characterized by their ability to act on the cannabinoid receptors that are a part of a natural system in the body, the Endocannabinoid System

So what does it do?
CBD has a wide range of applications either taken orally or applied topically, like providing help with anxietyinflammationpain and seizures.  

BeLoved Body Whipped Creme is locally-relieving, CBD infused, and deeply moisturizing skincare.  Whipped and luxurious, BeLoved Creme melts into your skin to help dissolve pain and soften skin whenever and wherever applied. 

Good for: daily skincare as well as bruises, cuts, burns, sore muscles or joints in pain, elbows, heels, knuckles, shoulders, icky tummies, crampy lower guts, plantar fasciitis, tissues recovering from physical therapy, surgery, or injury…kinks in necks, stiff hands from arthritic symptoms…you get it! ​

Is this Creme actually a clean product?
Yes!  We make every effort to source completely vegan and organic ingredients from Fair Trade Certified providers and we are committed to sustainable growth.  A full list of product ingredients can be found here.

Is your product Cruelty-Free?
Absolutely.  We don’t test on animals and never will!

What if my BeLoved Whipped Creme melts?!
Leave your jar in a hot car and now your Creme looks different?  Yes, this Body Creme is temperature-sensitive, but not to worry- though you might miss out on the original gorgeous texture of the Body Moisturizing Creme, you won’t miss out on it’s botanical benefits!  It will still work it’s magic, even when it has melted.  (You can toss it in the fridge to help it return to more of a solid!)